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Titanium Super Wide Angle Fisheye lens 0.42X Auto Focus with Macro  -  $125

Two lenses for the price of one! Why pay $1000's for fisheye and macro lenses when you get the two sepreate lenses in one for a fraction of the price!

Currently we stock these in BLACK - please ask if you require silver/titanium


Super Wide Angle 37mm 0.42X AF with Macro

This excellent lens can be separated in two pieces (unscrewed): macro part and wide angle part. So you can use it both ways: like macro lens (without wide angle part) and like wide angle with macro together! This is a very unique feature of this lens for its price. So please notice, this lens consists of two parts: macro part and wide angle part and for the price of only ONE lens you are getting TWO

  • Brand New 0.42X Super Wide Panoramic
  • High Resolution Professional Series
  • Titanium High-Speed Auto Focus Compatible
  • Fully Coated Converter Lens System
  • Will work with ANY Lens with filter thread size 52mm or 58mm
  • Will work with ANY DIGITAL CAMERA that has 52mm or 58mm adapter

0.42x High Definition Professional Wide Angle Panoramic (Panoramic, wide pictures) Fisheye Lens with "MACRO" for (close up pictures).It fits right over your camera's existing lens system and affects the full zoom range of your camera's lens.

A wide-angle converter MORE THAN DOUBLES your angle of view, allowing you to get twice as much in the picture, include more of the landscape, include more people in group picture, and interiors show more of the room. Your telephoto setting also becomes wider, this converter brings everything closer.

WILL WORK ON ANY LENS WITH 52mm & 58mm FRONT THREAD, not limited to Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Sony, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus and etc.


  • 0.42X Super Wide Angle Macro Lens
  • Lens Bag Include
  • Lens Covers are included
  • Ring Adapter Included 46mm / 52mm ( Camera Lens )
  • Ring Adapter Included 46mm / 58mm ( Camera Lens )


Super Wide Angle 37mm 0.42X AF with Macro

Fisheye lens

Fisheye photo

wideangle lens


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