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Tabletop Tripod Clamp clampod with double ball head clamperpod -  $25

This super compact, brand new ClamPod, when folded - is a clamp, when unfolded - is a tabletop tripod, designed for amateurs and professional photographers with maximum efficiency and convenience in mind - a perfect "take-it-anywhere" combination that offers great flexibility.

Tabletop Tripod Clamp clampod with double ball head clamperpod

It can convert any chair, table, counter top, metal rail or any other stable object into tripod to support your camera/flash/camcorder or any professional accessories with tripod socket. It's real light and small and can go anywhere where you need it.

This Clamp Pod can support most of the digital and film cameras, flash or portable camcorders with a standard 1/4x20 tripod socket. Double ball head assures different angles for camera/flash/camcorder position. It can clamp anywhere up to 2 inch (50mm) thick, its ball head allows unlimited swivel adjustment.


  • Maximum supporting weight 11 lbs or 5kg
  • Double ball head with a standard 1/4x20 tripod thread
  • Weight of the Clamp-Tripod about 4 ounce or 125 gram
  • Folded size: 1x3x5 in or 25x75x125 mm

It has very durable contraction made of metal and industrial plastic. Clamp made of industrial plastic and has a rubber padding to avoid scratching furniture when attached. Legs and ball-head made of real metal.


  • To convert clamp into tripod, just pull out two metal legs until you they click. Adjust the clamp's screw to get desired hight and angle
  • To close the legs - push the red button on the bottom of the clamp toward the screw and pull the legs up toward the ball head
  • To adjust the ball head - turn the knob by the "REL." arrow. To lock it - urn the knob by the "LOCK" arrow.


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