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Digital photo gallery
Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch cathedral

By Mark on Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recently I was in the city of Christchurch New Zealand around midnight in the center of the city where the Christchurch Cathedral sits and Managed to take a photo of the Christchurch Cathedral during some renovations.

You can see in the right of the photograph below of the Christchurch cathedral the roof is being repaired. The Christchurch cathedral is the heart of the Cathedral square in the center of Christchurch and makes a great picture or photo image any time of the day.

Christchurch Cathedral


New section - Camera accessories for sale

By Mark on Saturday, October 13, 2007

We recently added a new section to which has a categorised listing of all the camera accessoris we have for sale. We have many items includign external camera flash’s for most of the major brands of digital and analog cameras. If you own a Canon camera, a Nikon camera, a Sony alpha digital SLR camera or many other makes and models and are looking for a quality flash at a really good price this section is well worth checking out. I myself use one of  our Digital Autofocus Flash SFD35C for Canon EOS Cameras and find it really great. We have sold many of these and have had great feedback. They work extremely well and are about 1/4 the price of official Canon speed light flash.

We also have many filters of varying sizes from 52mm to 82mm and have some great quality sets of 3 filters in a  leather like protective case and include a UV filter a circular polarizer and a neutral density or FLD filter.

Here is a quick breakdown of what they do:

UV Protector filter

  • protects your camera lens from dust, moisture, scratches and fingerptins
  • provides additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet(UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details
  • can be left on the lens at all times

CPL Circular Polarizer filter

  • removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass
  • increases color saturation, creating deep, rich scenics images
  • add contrast to blue skies and water shots
  • Idial for outdoor photography, minimizes haze
  • filter can be rotated to determine the amount of reflection to be removed

ND4 Neutral Density filter

  • ND4 filter reduces the amount of light reaching the film, but without affecting the color balance. Authorizes a 2 stops Shutter speed/Aperture decrease.
  • dramatically increases color saturation of subjects under natural light

FL-D Fluorescent Correcting filter

  • corrects green cast that appears when shooting under general purpose fluorescent lighting
  • dramatically increases color saturation of subjects under natural light

We also have high quality seperate UV ultra violet filters for sale at a great price.

 If you are after a canon battery grip for your 350D or 400D digital slr camera then we have great 3rd party solution for you at under the retail price of the official canon battery grip. Check out our battery grip here for more details.

Another very popular accessory is our Canon FD Lens to EOS EF Body Mount Adapter which enables the use of older FD Canon lens to be used on an a Canon EOS EF body. This is a great adapter especially for someone with some good quality canon fd lenses looking to go digital without the cost of replacing the entire lens collection. It also gives you the opportunity of picking up some great quality lenses at an awesome price as it is common to see older FD lenses in the second hand market, of which many are a great quality manual lens.

For those into macro photography we have in stock macro bellows for Nikon, Canon and Pentax camera. The macro bellows is the next next best thing to a dedicated macro lens, but at a fraction of the price.

The other thing which is essential for macro photographers is the  macro focusing rail.
The macro focusing rail helps macro photographers to position camera and focus on subject with the great precision. Smooth rack and pinion movement provides extremely fine focusing adjustments, that can be locked in any position. Two rails allow movement in four directions, right, left, forward and backward. It has 1/4×20 thread mount for camera and tripod screws.

Another very popular item is the right angle finder. The SEAGULL Right angle viewfinder permits a comfortable 90 degrees viewing position when taking a photo. It is a must have for low-position shooting such as flower macro photography with SLR camera. The optics gives you a much brighter image than a normal viewfinder of a camera. The adjustable eyepiece compensates spectacle wearers. The roof prism construction allows the image to be seen the right way round. Retailing in stores for over $400 this is an absolute bargain at our price!

You will find a few lenses there too. We have the Titanium Super Wide Angle 37mm 0.42X AF with Macro.

Two lenses for the price of one! Why pay $1000’s for fisheye and macro lenses when you get the two sepreate lenses in one for a fraction of the price!
This excellent lens can be separated in two pieces (unscrewed): macro part and wide angle part. So you can use it both ways: like macro lens (without wide angle part) and like wide angle with macro together! This is a very unique feature of this lens for its price. So please notice, this lens consists of two parts: macro part and wide angle part and for the price of only ONE lens you are getting TWO!
Will work with ANY DIGITAL CAMERA that has 52mm or 58mm adapter!

  • Will work with ANY DIGITAL CAMERA that has 52mm or 58mm adapter

    Lunar Eclipse over New Zealand

    By Mark on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Last month saw a rare Lunar eclipse, the first that clear since 2000, and not another untill 2014.
    The moon went coppery red as the earth’s shadow moved across around 10pm, the red caused by atmospheric dust scattering the light. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow while the moon, sun and Earth are directly aligned.
    If there is enough dust in the Earth’s atmosphere, the surface will appear blood red. The last total lunar eclipse, sometimes called a blood moon eclipse, seen in New Zealand was in July 2000.Total eclipses are rare because the sun is usually above or below the plane of the Earth’s orbit.

    I set up my Canon 400d and tripod in my backyead and pointed the camera skyward and waited. It had been a grey cloudy day and the forecast for the night wasn’t too flash either. I had just received by courier that day a used zoom lens and a Jessop 2x extender. The lens is a canon 100 - 300 USM. I was hopeing I was going to get the lens the day before so I at least had a few hours to get to know it but it wasn’t to be. So I attached the new lens onto the extender, clipped it onto my 400D digital camera and waited for the clouds to clear. Around 8pm there was amazingly enough a large break in the cloud, which totally went against all the weather reports and the days trend which had been overcast all day.

    Lunar eclipse full moonI clicked the lens into manual focus looked skyward, turned the manual focus dial till I had the image nice and crisp int he viewfinder and started happily clicking away. At this stage the eclipse hadn’t kicked in but I did manage to get this nice clear photo of the full moon which i was really happy with for my first outing with the new camera. I honestly didn’t know what kind of quailty I was going to get and was half expecting complete rubbish without using a telescope, spotting scope or other half decent external magnifier.

    I waited a while and around 9:30 pm the eclipse kicked in and the moon started turning red from the bottom up, it was truely and eery feeling watching our moon changing colour. When the eclipse was in full effect I snapped this digital photo showing the moon at its reddest. All in all it was a fun event and I really enjoyed my first taste of astro photography and it has really inspired to look into investing in a telescope at some stage in the near future, well it has gone on the wish list anyway, behind a really nice wide angle lens and a Canon L series telescopic zoom lens.

    View the full lunar eclipse photo gallery here.


    New canon digital SLR camera arrives

    By Mark on Friday, August 3, 2007

    With the new month of August brings the arrival of my shiny new digital camera. A Canon 400d digital slr. It took a little getting used to, as does anything new but after a few sessions I was taking digital photos that I was pretty pleased with, in their 10 mega pixel goodness. With the camera I purchased the standard Canon 18 - 55mm lens. I had been informed and also read that this lens was pretty average, but for the extra price I had to pay for it to get the kit over the body of only $65 I figured it would be a good learning lens. I had another reason for opting for it too, I wanted to have a play with some of the cheaper add on attachment lenses like the fisheye lens attachment etc and I figured I didn’t want to be screwing these budget attachments on to my good lenses so if I had a nice cheap lens to experiment with I would feel a lot better about it. I also picked the much sharper canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. The latter has no zoom and is a really tight little lens, I have yet to have much of a play with it but from all the forums I have read and people I have spoken to its a must have lens and a great purchase at its $189 New Zealand dollar retail price tag, shop around and you should be able to pick it up cheaper. I had several retailers offering it to me for $170 if I bought it off them when I purchased the 400d, but ended up getting it cheaper than that through a friends staff discount. I will post a review and some supporting photos later once I have given it a good workout.

    The camera itself feels really sturdy, the build quality is great and it has a bigger LCD screen than the previous introduction Canon dslr cameras, the canon 300d and the canon 350d respectively. A few extras that I would highly recomend are a large CF ( compact flash ) card and an extra battery, this will keep you happily clicking for many hours on end. I went for a walk through our local lagoon for about 3.5 hours clicking at everything in sight and only managed to fill my 2gig compact flash card when I started adding RAW files into the equation towards the end of the adventure.

    A RAW file is about 10 - 12 meg in file size comapred to the 2 - 4 meg of the highest quality .jpg.

    The 2nd battery I bought off a local auction website for $25 with $5 shipping on top of that and it was nearly twice the charge of the default Canon one at 1200 mAh compared to the original 750 mAh.

    A decent camera bag is also a necessity. Allow room for expansion, as you will most certainly be buying extra lenses, I have already ordered a sigma 75 - 300 zoom lens and when that arrives I will be sure to post my thoughts on that and some images for you all to see.

    I got a Canon officially branded backpack style camera case that is well padded  with velco style resizeable compartments, plenty of pockets and backpack shoulder straps. Works great. (and I got it at a GREAT price through a staff discount!)

    The last extra I would say you can’t do without is a sturdy tripod. With a camera such as this you will, in no time, find your self experimenting with all sorts of photography tricks and techniques and for many of them the camera will be be operating on a long exposure where any camera motion will ruin the photo. A tripod is worth its weight in gold here and by using a long exposure you open a whole new world of photographic options including night time photography which is simply awesome once you start playing with it, but that is also a whole new story in itself … stay tuned!


    Life photo gallery added

    By Mark on Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Picture of a cock henToday we added the life forms photo gallery. In this gallery we have digital photos of various life forms but mostly of animals found in and around the Christchurch New Zealand domestic and rural areas. Included in this gallery is a digital photo of a chicken a rooster and a cock, a peacock a black bird and a goose, some geese and a Pukeko which is a native flightless bird of New Zealand. There is also a photo of a duck and her ducklings ( baby duck ) a dairy cow and cattle, some New Zealand sheep on a  farm in New Zealand, some sea lion photos of the sealions on the rocks of the the resort town of Kaikoura New Zealand. Kaikoura is a sea side resort tourist town on the east coast of the South island of New Zealand that is famous for its crayfish seafood caravan, its tours of whale watching and swimming with the dolphins.   There is also photos of a kuni kuni pig, which is a wild boar pig in New Zealand. So take a look and check back as we will be adding many more photos of New Zealand animals on a  regular basis.


    Flash photo box

    By Mark on Friday, June 15, 2007

    Today we added something a little different to the site, a new section called photo stuff where we will be adding all those different wee things that don’t really fit in anywhere else in the New Zealand photo website. The first item to be added is ‘Ye olde photo box‘ which is essentially a fun wee graphic creation I made in Flash that randomly displays a different digital photo each time the big red button is pushed. Its pretty cool and a bit of fun and gives you a chance to randomly check out some digital photographs from different photo galleries throughout the website


    Site up date - Landmark category added

    By Mark on Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Arts center Christchurch, New ZealandToday I added the Christchurch landmark photo gallery. There are around 30 digital photo’s of different landmarks in and around Christchurch city and rural districts including some lovely photographs of farm buildings, like a farm shack, farm shed and a few old farm barn photos. There are also some nice colour digital photos of the Christchurch Arts centre which used to be the old university of Canterbury and now has a local art and crafts market on weekends and the old stone buildings in the arts center which used to be lecture rooms are now home to shops and stalls of local Christchurch artists and crafts people.

    There are also some photos of one of my personal favourite places to take digital photos in Christchurch, its an old pedestrian foot tunnel that runs under the Christchurch railway tracks and is always covered in grafitti and often has lights out which gives it great atmosphere and presence. it simply has great character!

    There are some digital photos of Christchurch and Canterbury church and graveyards with the graveyard phots having images of the tombstone and headstome and grave. They were taken int he country with some of the graves being over 100 years old. Many small New Zealand towns have a local cemetary and often generations of the same family get buried there. They are very historic and many of the towns founders and influential people can be found there.

    A few other digital photos in this section are of timber framework for New Zealand house and property construction, a digital photo of QE2 park under snow and the Christchurch International airport control tower.

     There are digital images of the  Manapouri power station which is a huge hydro power dam under lake Manapouri, Fiordland, New Zealand. So check out our landmark photo gallery for lots of free color digital photographs of New Zealand landmarks.

  goes live!

    By Mark on Sunday, June 3, 2007 goes live.

    New Zealand photo is website dedicated to digital photography of Christchurch landmarks, animals, people, marco close up photo’s, creative artistic digital photos including black and white series photography, long exposure and night time photography, macro ahnd close up photography and other experimantal digital photography.

    There is also some digital photographs that have been edited in photoshop in another dedicated section. All content is original and copyright. If you would like to use anything on this website you will need written conesnt, you can apply on our order page.  

    Different photo galleries will be added and the galleries will be updated and added to ona  regular basis.

    Check out the galleries here!